Friday, April 4, 2014

4/3/14 Wednesday

A random Wednesday.
Delicious oatmeal.
And a mystery - HOW is it possible that I woke up an hour earlier than usually and still was late to a lecture? HOW?
Pissed me off, really, so I wasn't off to a good start.

The whole day was kinda blah.
And I realized something today. Why are there so many people my age who have already accomplished so much and I haven't?
I wish I was one of those people who did something BIG by the age of 19. Or even 20 (I'm giving myself a year to do something amazing? Well "by 20" sounds nice)
It's just annoying. Is that annoyance coming from jealousy? Am I just having a really stron jealousy moment? That's bad.

I mean, I think like the greatest thing I've done was to go to London this summer. How does it compare to... I don't know... Getting an oscar? Being a successful something? Having an amazing job of your dreams?
There are people like that!

Eh, just moans, moans, I know.
Whatever, I'll do accomplish something finally.

Gotta run tomorrow morning.
Sleep tight!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3/28-29/14 + 4/1-2/14 Weekend+

So actually for a change there are some things going on and that's why there weren't any of those little sneaky posts.
So as I said Jane was here.
We woke up early! Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Topped with bananas!

I ran 7KM in the morning ;) We got ready and went to a lecture about JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy!).

Then headed home, changed and went to a concert.
It was this one's, this talented little creature's :

After that we kind of had an "after" with a couple of our friends and ended up getting back home late.

Next day - nice breakfast (delish oatmeal w/fried apples) and we had a couple of things to do, so that kept us busy later on and then J went home. Sunday was getting to an end and so was the weekend. 

Monday. Eh.
Morning (8.30AM!) French class.
Oui, oui, j'aime le francais, mais je n'aime pas lever devant 9 heures. 
Later on just being quite productive, getting some things done for classes and life in general. 

Lots of classes.
Getting home late.
Starting to work on some graphic design (animation actually). No, I do not know first thing about it. But I have a youtube tutorial and so far it's been doing quite ok. I mean, I'm GETTING THERE, to the finish line, but it took me A LOT of time. Yesterday. And I finally closed the computer being 3/4 done. I'll work some more on it when I have free time. Which should be during the weekend. 

Morning French class again.
Our teacher showed us this song. The cheesiest song ever?
And can we just take a moment and translate the fucking title - JOE THE TAXI? No, not the taxi driver. JOE THE TAXI.
Want it or not, there you go.
Vanessa Paradis, maybe that's why Johnny Depp isn't with you anymore. Haha
And I googled it - she was 14/15 then. Eh. Don't know whether that makes it better or worse

Song of the day, I guess.
I made myself a delicious pasta today for lunch. Just look at it. Ahhh! #foodporn

A lot of food sneaked into this post. But I couldn't help but document those delicious things. I love food. I enjoy cooking. I mean, it all goes together. Bear with me! ;) I'm just hoping it won't turn into a food log! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

3/27-28/14 Thursday-Friday

Don't worry, not much has been going on so "skipping" one day doesn't really make a change.
Pretty much both days consisted of two
a) lecture/class
b) friends time

So there. Nothing too shocking, is it?

My friend Jane came to my city. She doesn't live here so she visits me from time to time.
It's nice.
So therefore I have been occupied socially for a longer period of time. And she's still here.
Staying here for the weekend, you know.

Today was a quite warm and pretty day. Such a nice thing that is.


Being a good student equals reading the asigned texts.


From the morning walk.

#NOFILTER the sunset was crazily beautiful today

Felt like eating an ice cream. And it was delicious as fuck.
No, I did not eat 2. I'm a good friend. 

I think I'm not gonna post anything more today. I'm tired.
And I gotta wake up early tomorrow.
 Sooo.... DUBAI.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3/26/14 Wednesday

Woken up with the sun shining.
I like those kind of days.

Not like that sun lasted throughout the day though, oh no.
I walked in the rain when coming back from uni.
I like rain. It was nice.
And the smell... ahh

Fucking hell, I had such pretty pictures from today, and somehow I lost them? I was just copying and pasting things in and out of folders and suddenly POOF no folder. And it's nowhere to be found. I  can't paste it, NOTHING.
Eh, great.

I'm gonna be presenting a subject of  "HAPPINESS ECONOMICS" in economy class and I'm so excited. Seriously, google it. It's great stuff! (Nerdy.... ok, ok.)

Now revising a bit 'cause I may have to write a make up test tomorrow.

Bowling. I wanna go bowling. Haven't done that in such a long time.
Bowling's fun.

I've been listening to Bastille like the whole day, so in case you wanna listen to them too, there you go

Oh that's so cool, I use spotify like all the time and now that I can just paste something here that's awesome.

Anyway, hope you had a good day!
And here's a picture from today that survived cause I posted it on instagram.
Social media is the way to prevent you from disappearing?

cray, I know.
See ya later, aligator! ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/25/14 Tuesday

My luck today:
I figured I don't wanna wake up at 6.30AM today to go for a run (walk-run really) and then head to 9AM lecture, 'cause later classes start at 12 so I skipped the lecture and woke up at 9 and went for the walk-run.
Later, my friend told me the lecture was cancelled.

So yeah
5KM run-walk - alright.
Met new people. They seem to be cool...?
It was really good! A Disney movie, yes, but really good!

Don't jugde, until you've seen it. That's all I'll say.

Just a pic of the day. The sky looked incredible. 

Now sipping at my tea.
I love tea.

I had some hard times today.  Looking for an apartment can give you anxiety.
Or a headache in a mild case.
I'm all stressed out about it. Though we still do have a lot of time to find it.

Anyways, a wise person told me today what ends up as a quote of the day

"Hard road leads to beautiful destinations."

Goodnight then.
And remember: tomorrow's a new day :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

3/24/14 Monday

Mondays. New starts.
Sun's already up, now it's my turn.
The warmth of the shower.
Energy from the morning coffee.
I don't hate Mondays, most people do, I don't. Does that make me a hipster?

Today was quite a boring day. I had a couple of texts to read for my tomorrow's class.
Nothing too thrilling. Though I did find some highlights of the day.
Walking in the rain wasn't one of them.
But it wasn't bad. Refreshing, really like mind refreshing.

Hope you've had a better and more fun monday!
Lots of energy and happiness for the upcoming week to us all.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/22-23/14 Saturday - Sunday

Weekend out of the city.
Peacefullness, little house, food.
Best friend, her family.
All cosy. 
A cat, a dog.
New hair. 
Warm weather, sun.

Watched 'No Strings Attached'. It was OK, quite cute. 

Been loving these two songs.
And they actually go together quite well.
Give them a listen.

"Sometimes my hands, they don't feel like my own.
I need someone to love. 
I need someone to hold."

From another song by James Vincent McMorrow - "Red dust". I recommend you listen to it as well.

Going to sleep,
night night :*